BFA in Craft & Material Studies/Glass | The University of the Arts

Graduated May 2017 with a cumulative GPA of 3.55, as well as receiving many scholarships and awards throughout undergraduate career.

Work Experience

Vetro Vero Studios

Hot Shop Assistant for Michael Schunke | 2017-2018

Wheaton Arts & Cultural Center

Hot Shop Assistant for Skitch Manion | 2016-2018

Glass Studio Assistant | 2017-2018

McBrothers Overhead Doors

Garage Door Mechanics & Installation | 2008-2018

The University of the Arts

Teacher Assistant for Suzanne Peck’s Intro to Glass | 2014

Hot Shop Assistant for Alexander Rosenberg | 2014-2017

Teacher Assistant for Alexander Rosenberg’s Glassblowing Exploration | 2015-2016

Glass Studio Technical Assistant | 2015-2018

Awards and Acknowledgements

2015-2016- Urban Glass Partner Scholarship

2016- Pilchuck Glass School Partner Scholarship

2016-17-Virginia G. & Harvey Kimmel Scholarship in Crafts

2016-2017- Arnold A. Bayard Scholarship

2017- Windgate Fellowship Award Nominee

2017- Florence Whistler Fish Award Nominee

2017- Gallery Pick: Snyderman Works Gallery: Art Unleashed

Exhibitions and Publications

2013-2017- Art Unleashed- University of the Arts

2015- The Domestic Landscape- University of the Arts

2015- Manifestation- Gallery One- University of the Arts

2016- Glass Arts Society international student Exhibition- Corning, New York

2016- Craft + Material Studies Rising Seniors-Rosenwald Wolf Gallery- University of the Arts      

2017- New Glass Review 38- Corning Museum of Glass